Here is where I’ll post some funny meme’s for you BTO’s (Big time operator) to kill time with for all you lucky soles that have internet access in your control room. All the up’s and down’s about being a Process Operator is what these funny pictures are all about. If you have any good ideas for this page. Please contact me at Enjoy

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pic-110   pic-1  pic-4  pic-6 pic-2ameme-6

meme meme pic-5 meme

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pic-6  pic-5  pic-4  pic-11  pic-1

pic-1   pic-1   pic-1   Do your job   pic-1 pic-7  pic-1





samich  Taken-LI10914512_326868564185248_409276440_n 10-hairy-armpits-meme

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images-2  images-3  meme-300x220  images-4  images-5  resized_creepy-willy-wonka-meme-generator-o-you-work-on-day-shift-you-must-be-so-much-better-at-your-job-than-the-night-crew-7fbd03

images-6  when-l-leave-work-did-nothing-meme safety-sign-fail  safety-skill_thumb images-7

pic-1  ykl77  ykla5   yklfm


 Thanks for viewing our  page. I have borrowed a few of these from other sites, but 95% of our images were generated by myself.

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