Pre-Employment Testing

So what’s the pre-employment testing like for the Process Operator job? Honestly it depends on the company. I’ve seen everything for basic math, and science to troubleshooting examples of a simple process. There isn’t really a magic bullet here unless you know someone that’s tested for that exact company recently. The test will be broken down into different parts. Examples of the parts may include, basic math, basic science, trouble shooting, reading comprehension, simple machines and mechanics, and behavioral questions. Each part will be timed, and the test may be setup as so you can not finish every question. Use some strategy during the test. Only answer the questions your sure of, and skip the rest. You will come back to them after you finish answering the ones you know. Once you’ve tackled all the ones your positive of, then go back and try to figure the rest out. The important thing during a timed test is not to get bogged down on a question and waste too much time on it, then not have time to answer the questions you would of gotten right.

So what’s the best way to prepare for your pre-employment test? Watch the math review video below, or you can buy a math for dummies but that includes basic math, geometry, and algebra. Don’t get too far into it, there will not be complex algebra, or geometry on the test. All tests include some type of basic mechanical aptitude assessment. I’m including some vidoes below that will help if you do not understand simple mechanics, and simple mathematics.

You also should try to make sure you are not stressed before you test. Take the whole day off work, get there half an hour or more earlier, and just try to relax.


Good Luck on your Pre-Employment Testing.

pre-employment testing

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