Resume Writing Service

Resume Writing Service

Don’t have the time to write your own resume? Would you rather a professional with process operations experience write it for you? Let me do the work for you! When you use our resume writing service, I will create a properly formatted resume, and  ensure that your knowledge, skills, and experiences are portrayed in the best way possible. You NEED experience in the petrochemical industry to know the key words and terms to use. What else I do for you is to make sure the information on your resume is relevant to a Process Operations position. Through my experience, I understand what employers are looking for in applicants, and how to include that information in your resume. Don’t take a change with getting your dream job by submitting an average resume. You will be competing against many other applicants for the same job, through my resume writing service, you will have a professionally written resume that is well worded and relates whatever experience you have to a process operations job.


The way the resume writing service works is that you contact me by email at You send me a copy of your current resume for review. I will review it free of charge, and even offer a few pointers if your resume if close to being what I would consider good enough. If I feel that you would instead benefit from me creating you a new resume that will be properly formatted, well worded, expanded descriptions, and professional in appearance, the I will recommend for you to use our resume writing service.


Don’t have a resume? No Problem, we can create a professional resume for you from scratch. I will need to get your basic information, and information about your experience, then I will get started.


Once payment is received, I will have a newly created professional resume in 48 hours or less.


Our resume writing service fee is $55.00.


Contact us at to get started!



Resume writing service

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