Shift Work

Want to know what shift work is all about?

If you want a Process Operator job, you are going to have to work shift work. Refineries and Chemical Plants operate 365 days a year and 24 hours a day. Process Operators are the employees that run the refineries or chemical plants, so they must be there always. Management and engineers do not have the same time requirements as the Process Operators do.

Most Refineries and Chemical plants work we they call EOWEO shift work. Meaning you work every other weekend. Another part of working shift work is working nights. Let’s talk about EOWEO then the nights part will explain itself.

I will give a generic example of how a 2 week rotation would play out. You start your work week by working Monday and Tuesday day shift. Great job, your first set is done, now you are off work for  Wednesday and Thursday. Bad news, it’s your weekend to work. You work Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night shift. After the long work weekend is over, You are now off Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday and Thursday day shift you are back to the grind. You are now rewarded by being off Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.


I hope that breaks down the EOWEO shift for you. This is what most Process facilities work. Now for the bad news, You can be forced to work, and you will have to work some holidays.


Like I mentioned earlier, the Process facility must be manned by Process Operators 24/7-365. This means you will be forced to work overtime if you do not volunteer.  The amount that may happen depends on the unit you work in. There is no way to know that until you actually get there. Some units are understaffed and a certain amount of overtime is required because of that. Some units have many turnarounds, and you will be required to assist with those.




shift work

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