Process Operator Job Qualifications

Process Operator Job Qualifications –  What do you need to get your first job?

The very basic requirements for Process Operator job qualifications would be a high school diploma or GED, no serious criminal record, and a work history of a couple years. That’s it, but those are the very basic qualifications, and depending on the region you live, and the company you want to work for, hiring requirements will differ. Lets talk about some other things that would factor into you getting the job.

Veteran– Companies like to hire veterans. There could be some tax incentive for them, but veterans tend to be disciplined, and reliable, qualities that go a long way in this job.

College Degree– Having a college degree in any field helps. Having a college degree shows companies that you can learn, and be trained. It also shows a level of commitment to finishing a long, and difficult task. Sure some fields may look better than others on resumes, but consider that in how you present it, and use it to your advantage. Just don’t assume because you have a degree in chemistry, or physics that you will automaticlly have an edge over other applicants.

PTEC– Companies do like, and prefer PTEC graduates. Don’t make the mistake of thinking your guaranteed a job if you get your degree. If you have the opportunity for an internship in a PTEC program, DO IT. Thats the fastest way for you to get a job, or at worst case decide you are in the wrong field. I am going to go into more depth about PTEC in another article.

Family and friends– It depends, some companies do a good job of hiring family and friends, and some show no preference at all. It really depends on the company, and that friend or family member trying to help you. My best piece of advice in this situation it to seek assistance from that friend or family member, but still aggressively pursue other jobs.

Previous work experience– The best previous work experience, other than being an Operator, is something industrial or mechanically related. Your new job will involve both, so companies like people that have some basic concepts of their type of work. Fear not, if you flip burgers, or sell cars I have seen both become Process Operators, and succeed in doing it. It all goes back to how you relate what you do now on your resume, and how you do in the interview.

Previous contractor employment- Say you’ve been a scaffold builder at a refinery, and you are now trying to get a Process Operator job there. You may or may not know anyone there that could put in a good word for you, but don’t put much stock in that regardless. Just try to relate how what you do at their site relates to an Process Operator job; this will be of utmost importance when writing your resume or in an interview.

Previous Process Operator Experience– This could be the single most helpful thing in getting you the job, or the worst. Take time when writing your resume and carefully list all of your job duties and accomplishments. Remember, you are leaving your old Operator job because you are looking for more opportunities, that is what companies want to hear. At all cost do not complain about your previous job at another company. Who wants to hire someone that all ready has a bad attitude. Take any negatives, and think of how to twist them into a positive, or just don’t mention them at all.


If you have any more questions about Process Operator Job Qualifications, please contact me.


Process Operator Job Qualifications

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